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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your reply and your openness to inquire about my reality. My reality is in flux as I live and grow. I do not have absolute answers for others lives or beliefs, as we are unique in our experiences. I do try to remain introspective and reflective and discover what my own answers are. Usually this is rather like trying new foods. I give it a taste and find out if I like it or not. By continuing to explore the food, I determine what I like or dislike about it: smell, look, actual flavor(s), texture, temperature, etc. Of course if I find it palatable, it becomes part of my diet. If I do not find it palatable, I now know I will not consume it normally. If it causes me a violent physical reaction or allergic reaction, I know it is not something for me to eat ever again. Most all organized religions fall into the latter category...causing me a violent physical and emotional reaction. I can not say all religions, as I am certain there are many religions I know nothing about. The religions I am familiar with, however, do have common themes which are not palatable to me. I do believe they cause more harm than good for the larger portion of their followers.

I understand people are different and have different needs. Many people do get some of these needs met by associating themselves within a religious community. I believe most are sincere that their efforts within their respective religious communities are well intended. However, not only I have I witnessed first hand the terrible abuses of religious communities, I can also read about the very same things within religious texts. Various religions advocate crimes against other people, animals and the destruction of property in the name of some god. I can not believe such a god exists. If one does, it is like the yin/yang, two sides of a coin, or the absolute paradox...this god is not only the epitome of all that is good, but it is also the epitome of all that is evil. This god is a mixture of the two. Also, this god is not male or female, but intersexed, if it is sexed at all. (See the movie "An Angry Inch) This god is not a single race or color but is vari-colored, possibly similar to a chameleon.

I have read some interesting articles concerning god:

In addition, I keep many religious texts in my home for personal reference. To date, I am unable to find any writing which supports or disproves the existence of a god. All that I have found are myths, stories made up by people who do not understand the world/universe they live in.

It is comforting to have an all-powerful being to turn to in times of need, to look to for guidance, but I have found much more to get me through life by looking to the world I live in. watching animals relate to one another, learning from other people's real life experiences, not something they read in a book and cling to like a lucky talisman or something. I don't believe in the boogieman or ghosts, but I do believe in forces which I can not sense or control. If these forces are a god, I lack the means to identify them as such. I am but a very minuscule part of something far greater than I have the capacity to imagine. Something so great I am unable to put a name to it. I am not separate from this greatness, I am a necessary, working part of it, as I believe all things to be, whether organic or not.

Though I do not believe in a god as many people do, I do believe we all are part of a larger entity. When we harm one another, we harm ourselves and this larger entity which we are part of. When we harm one another, I believe we are like a cancer to a body; eating away and destroying the healthy tissues. We can not remain separated, acting towards separate goals if we are to survive. We are cells at war with one another and all that sustains our very lives. We destroy wild animals and natural habitats, the land, water and air which we need to survive. If there exists any evil on this earth, it is humankind that is evil and should be purged from existence. Thus, it is this god which is evil and must be destroyed. Our technology has evolved, but our hearts and spirits have not. We are liars behind our smiles and kind words and gestures. There is murder, hatred and pure evil at the core of every human being, no matter how hard we fight it. The more we try to be civilized, the less civilized we are capable of being. We are nothing more than any other animal that needs food, water and shelter. Animal's behavior is predictable. They hunt and kill for food. Humans are the only animal that tortures and torments other life for the sheer pleasure of it. For the power they feel, for money or other valued items. I loathe humanity and any god that might have created it, for this god is no better than the lowly humans it created.

Yes, I am made in the image of that god, and it is made in my image. We are one and the same. This is my reality.