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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
But you already told us, that you aren't officially married as it is impossible to do so in most states and countries. So if there is no official side to your marriage and no religious one, what is it that you regard as marriage? (Honestly confused, is there another form of marriage out there?)
Our decision to have "paper mariages" is an act of civil disobedience, as we disagree with the one partner (opposite gender) laws of most states/countries.


If you wish to call it common law marriage, so be it. Honestly, if you want to boil it all down to what it is, marriage does not exist except by how any individual defines it. By the same token, marriage exists by any means an individual wishes to define it. I am not here to define for you what marriage is or is not, I am here to learn about forms of polyamory, study human behaviour and human interactions. I could get quite philisophical here but it is not the time nor place.

We are simply pro-marriage and pro-family for US.

Somehow I feel I am being scrutinized for every single thing I post here, as if it just can't be taken at face value. I have been reading (at least) the newer posts in between answering the myriad of questions regarding my beliefs posted in this thread.

We are well eductated people who believe in simple values, one of which is more and no less. I have not picked apart other's posts as I have read them. I am here to learn about other people, not over anal-yze their belief systems or what they post here.

Yes, this is great, as the family will be reading and discussing this tonight and many nights, I am sure. I was the one delegated to embark on this , and actually excited about it, going on this quest for knowledge. I'm finding it more intersting than I expected it to be!