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Originally Posted by Papillon View Post
I'm genuinely curious here - what does 'polyamorous' mean to you? Because (as others have already said) by most people's definition, polygamy is a type of polyamory, which would mean you ARE currently in a polyamorous relationship...

I'm not trying to tell you what to call your relationship - I'm firmly of the belief that we shouldn't label others - but I just wondered why you're so strongly anti-polyamory.

Everyone's poly is different - there are as many ways to be polyamorous as there are poly people!
She's saying that she is in a polygynous relationship, and therefore is monogamous. She's not polyamorous.

Her husband is the only polyamorous (or multi-loving) person in the group, from my understanding. Although, I technically believe that 99% of humanity is polyamorous. You love both parents, you love all your kids. That's multi-love. It's just whether or not you choose to "limit" yourself in your relationships.
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