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I agree.

The way I put it when DH were dating as FWB?

"Just tell me what I need to know. Do not overshare. This is newsworthy -- dating new partner, new partner looking to go loverly, saw partner on__ for a ____ date." I don't need TMI details.

I do need to know what could affect MY body -- sex health stuff. I do not need cooties.

I do need to know what could affect what you and I do together. For energy/tiredness and emotional/mental health.

If you ran around theme parking and then marathon sexing with your other partner yesterday -- you are pooped today. Do I want to be with you today then and be all low key so you can rest or is OUR date better a few days later so WE can go theme parking and marathon sexing?

If you tell me you had a big ol' fight? I can then go into spending time with you prepared for emotional stuff. But I don't need to hold the emotional bag and your grumpy if I don't want to go there.

I'm not trying to restrict YOU. I want to know how to best spend MY time.


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