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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Hey, welcome.

I would like to ask a question on something not poly related. Your profile picture. I am extremely cautious in regard to those ... I will go with calling it a group or organisation for now, as I don't yet know how you relate to it and how you are involved. Why did you choose this slogan to be representative of you in this surrounding/ on this forum and what do you see in "white pride, world wide"? I am feeling a bit unnerved by it, kind of.
Hello and thank you for the welcome.

The avatar used is a representation of part of our core belief system, our pride in our heritage. We do not believe in joining organizations as we feel they simply lead the lambs to slaughter. We are free and forward thinkers, embracing all people's rights to their beliefs and promoting each individual's personal growth. We abhor "groups" that have an agenda that they wish to push on others. It is not meant to unnerve you or anyone else. I imagine the rainbow colored avatars might unnerve some, also, kind of. Other avatars which may seem "dark", might also unnerve some. People's choice of handles/ID's might also be unnerving to some, but I respect their freedom of choice and expression. I have yet to see any avatar or picture here which represents anything but one's personal expression of self. The only thing which has unnerved me (sort of) is the awesome welcome I first got when I posted my intro.

Hope this helps.