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Not too much to share at the moment. Life is on an even keel.

Davis and I have been spending a lot of quality time together lately. We both really enjoyed our two-day camping trip last weekend. Tonight we're going to see a play.

I've settled into a very workable routine with my every-other-week babysitting night with Bee. I give Eric a ride home from the city, where I live/work and he and Gia work (they take the subway in together, but then she gets off earlier and picks up the baby, while he works late so that he can be off with the baby one day a week, so it's waiting for him to get home that cuts into their date nights). I take Bee to the library, which has a great interactive kid's section, then to a diner with me where I grab some grub, then finally back to their place. It's great because there's no longer a question of feeling awkward if they want to fool around while I'm watching the boy. Bee and I both have fun, and I don't even know whether Gia and Eric go out or stay in. Much better system all around.

The night before last I gave Gia a ride home with the intention of just hanging and cooking dinner together (I had a new recipe I was excited to try -- it came out perfectly!). Riding with one of them just makes so much sense if I'm heading that way anyway, and it's a great way to get some extra conversation-time in. I went with her when she picked up Bee from daycare. As we were leaving, merrily chatting and juggling the baby, one of the daycare workers broke in awkwardly and said, looking at me, "So, is she, er, family?" I don't know what her deal was, maybe she had picked up on the vibe between Gia and I. Gia said "She's one of the people who can pick up Bee." I looked the woman in the face and said "I'm a friend." We left it at that.

Yesterday, I ran into her downtown as she was leaving work and I was going to a co-worker's going-away happy hour. It was Eric's day home with Bee, so she had no need to rush home. After checking with Eric, she came with me to the happy hour and stayed for a drink. I bought her her drink and got some fries for us to share, and introduced her to my boss and co-workers as my girlfriend, which felt very nice. She got along well with everyone, and later she told me "Your co-workers are comfortable like flannel!" It's true, they're very relaxed people, very different from her unfortunately-uptight office. She and I sat very close together on a bench, and out of view of everyone else she poked, pinched, and goosed me from time to time. Very dom-y, very hot.
Me, 30ish bi female, been doing solo poly for roughly 5 years. Gia, Clay, and Pike, my partners. Davis, ex/friend/"it's complicated." Eric, Gia's husband. Bee, Gia and Eric's toddler.
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