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Last night was hard. Had a therapy session that broke me because of this work thing and then broke down at home with Woodsmith, Primal, Lamian, and Darkeyes.

Lamian, Darkeyes, Woodsmith and I also had an eye roll moment. Peaseblossum called to talk to Primal (something she does every night) and talked to him for over an hour. The eye roll part comes from the fact she'll have a temper tantrum if either of us call him to talk to him while he's with her (he will however turn off his phone if he's taking either of us on a date or has set time aside for just for a dyad combination which pisses Peaseblossum off).

Sometimes I wonder if the four of us (L,D,W, and I) only put up with Peaseblossum for Primal's sake.
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