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So I called my mother yesterday morning to see what my options are. Financially, this could be pretty difficult. By land or air, the trip would be worst for the baby. Twenty four in a car? Five hours on my lap in a plane? Not even really considering the latter. Our car seat is not approved for flight as far as I know, and holding an infant during any turbulence doesn't strike me as particularly safe.
I also spent like an hour talking to my dad. We don't usually talk much at all, so that's something.

I haven't said anything to my SO yet. I want to be sure I'm ready to actually follow through with it before I say anything.

I feel kind of rotten because to me this very much feels like an ultimatum. I don't want this. I never did. I don't want to renegotiate. I just want out of it, but I know I'd very likely stay if he decided to be mono in our relationship. I guess it's not an ultimatum, though? I have no intention of saying, stop this or I leave. Just, I am seriously considering leaving, and finding out what my options are, and I would like to discuss this and matters dealing with our son calmly, as adults.
It feels like the same thing though. Ugh.
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