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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
You got the feedback, you are reviewing your position. You have come to find that maybe you could adjust a bit. You are allowed to change your mind after seeking information, input, etc.

You have come to new self awareness -- that you have a habit of rushing into things. And there's the sense of TIMING and TONE in communication to consider. Not just the message but HOW the message is delivered.

That's good to learn. Nothing horrible there.

I'm a bit concerned by the HIGH and LOW thing -- the "volume" is up and down a lot. I'm not sure if it is your writing style or what? But if this is you in general way of going and not just the writing style? Try to see if you can be more even keel in your dealings and how you handle your feelings.

Yeah my writing style in the forums are as good as some 12 yros. Thanks for your input in your previous post i will just postpone it for a while until when it was a suitable time to tell my wife about it.
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