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Many of the problems people seem to have with this tend to be a result of not reading the Usage and Rules part of the forum. Folks are eager to post about their particular issue and then don't get the kinds of responses they were looking for, then they want their posts deleted even after it has spawned productive discussion.

12 hours is a very generous edit window. It gives someone time to sleep/reflect on what they said and re-read their posts after getting some replies, and if they regret giving too many details, it's not too late to change their words. What some individuals fail to realize is that just because this is a forum geared toward "alternative" relationships, it is not the moderators' job to be a post-deleting service. If you want to be able to be in complete control of where, when, and how your words are available, start a blog with one of the many free services, and post here with links to your blog(s). That way, you can add and delete anything anytime, people can offer their feedback, and you retain a modicum of anonymity. It may be a little more complicated to set up something like that, but quite a few members of this forum have done it. Also, if it's too much work to arrange yourself a flexible internet environment, it's probably too much work to maintain more than one relationship. If you can read, type, and have access to the internet, it is possible to figure out how to set up a free weblog by Googling for the topics you need to do so. There is no need to be "computer savvy" in order to become self-empowered in that way.
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