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Our reason for giving a 12 hour window is so that people who react to situations with angry words or haven't got their thoughts together and wish to change what they say, have time to re-do what they say. If we allowed members to remove posts threads get confusing and are useless in terms of telling a story and process people go through in their written word. People tag and re-read threads far into the future. Its important to us to keep them whole and legible. Sure, other boards don't do that, but that is the choice they have made. No two forums are alike and that is what attracts or keeps people from coming here. We can't please everyone and we aren't going to be liked by everyone. Just how it is. I would ask that if a person doesn't like it here that they at least realize it is their personal preference. There are different takes on what makes a forum suitable, interesting and worth being here for a person.
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