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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Someone's always around to make me go "Breathe! Breathe! It's a 40s dealio! Seriously! I had it when .... and I did.... Here's one of the cheat codes, dude! You can do it! It probably isn't all you need to level up, but you can do it! Find you way to the level up!"
And the gamer in me is now wondering if we're talking PC/conusle level up or table top level up. Cause each of those can be done differently.

To elle:

How have you phrased the want for him to slow down his communication with her? Because it sounds like it's not the communication that upsets you as much as the negelect you feel from him focusing attention on her when you have only limited time with him. A possible way to make it clear what you need without feeling like you are micromanaging his relationship with her is stating that what you need from him is X amount of time in which he has focus on you and not any other partners. And if you have any other partners (either relationship or play for the BDSM) it will be the same for you. Basically have the two of you have set time together when you two get "off the grid"
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