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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post

After the fact it could be twisted into pity fuck, softening tactic, basic manipulation, cheap attempt to reassure sexual desire, etc, ...something you didn't intend. Is it possible this could send the wrong message ?
Good point ... not something I intended at all. We just tend to bicker a bit more when we aren't getting it on with enough frequency, and feel more together and strong when we are expressing ourselves in that way. But maybe I'm just delaying for the sake of delaying ... there never really is a 'good time' is there?

I just need to get my head a bit more clear. I'm exhausted, emotionally and physically, after yesterday. But one good night sleep could change that. I just really want to get this done, move forward recognizing the change together.

An old friend called yesterday after he heard about our dog. I was so happy to hear his voice. He's been someone I've 'loved' forever (we went to preschool together), and though we've never been together physically (we haven't lived in the same city since high school), the depth of our relationship is much more than friends. Speaking to him, I realized that I've been having a (non-physical) secondary relationship for years and years. I do have the capacity to love more than one, possibly three. I feel so rich!
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