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In effect if this continues and comes out down the road your response to your husband will be ......I wanted to come clean sooner but ( bf ) relationship ...his life is more important then ours. That's the possible backlash. You might want to get the "not wanting to know " more rigidly nailed down....and get that on the record.
I've completely changed my tact. I am going to tell my husband everything, because you are absolutely right - I can't pretend that our relationship is the most important if I haven't put everything into it, and am, instead, protecting a relationship with L. So, disclosure is imminent. I'm delaying for two reasons - 1) we had to put down our 12 year old family dog yesterday, so still feel a little raw, and 2) due to trying to take the pill continuously I've had a low grade period for WEEKS now - I've stopped the pill so I can get it done and be intimate with my husband. I don't think it's fair to bring up heavy relationship talks when we haven't 'enjoyed' each other in soooo long
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