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Default Blogging, blogging, blogging.

I love keeping journals/blogs. I have a problem at holding myself accountable on continuing them however (I have three or four different journals that I've started, stopped, and just haven't picked up again). Hoping having this online one will help keep me accountable to re-journalling in my others and that people may yell at me when I kinda disappear.

So my current biggest worry. Lamian lost her job in June due to being ill. She's got doctor's clearance a few weeks ago and have started looking for work again. Woodsmith quit his job because he was going back to school to finishs his Bachelor's degree. Darkeyes just lost his job yesterday due to attendance problems. I'm going to be without a job in a month or two (I've been looking since July when I found out I was losing my job). That means between 6 people in 2 homes only 2 people have actual work income coming in (Lamian just got approved for unemployment and Woodsmith's father is helping him with living expenses).

For myself I'm planning not only to file for unemployment but also try to really get a few more modeling/burleseque gigs to help out with my expenses as well as doing some spas for BeautiControl. But I'm just worried on how everything is going to work itself out right now.
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