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Jealous of you guys. I've never been to any kind of Electronic gig. Most of what I see around here is generally the really crappy modern stuff, like Dubstep. If I wanted to see someone I actually enjoyed, I'd have to travel pretty far, generally.

I can see why they might also be better in the studio than live, Rose. Electronic music is one of the most difficult styles to reproduce live. Which is why most of the lazy gits just use their laptop, and play around with backing tracks that have already been recorded. Not cool. =P But also, when Infected Mushroom work in the studio, they look very much at home. XD Just go to youtube and look at some of their studio videos. They have some really nice stuff too.

Also, right now, I'm listening to Chimp Spanner - At The Dream's Edge. One of my favourite Metal albums. A good mix of old school Power Metal, modern Death Metal and some light Jazz and Ambient feeling stuff inside it. I absolutely love people mixing genres. Especially when done to this quality. =]
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