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He and I had planned a date together (before I ended up in the hospital actually, I just was released before the day we had planned) and she had sent both of us a text message asking if she could come down and visit us. I did say that it would be okay because of the fact I didn't see her while I was in the hospital (again because of her living 90 minutes away) and I missed her a bit and because I knew Primal would like to see her because he doesn't get to see her that often. I don't know if that answered your questions or not.

It's the whole poly thing (and long term relationship thing) she's not sure if it's for her. She's willing to try the poly thing because she has never been faithful in a monogamous relationship and is curious if having the ability to look elsewhere if she wants can help with that. She also feels that if he has a relationship with me (and his marriage) she won't be as needed in his life so she doesn't want to commit herself to anything that will then blow up in her face. There's a bit of passive-aggressive aspects with her (she now only lives 30 min from us in the place she and Darkeyes have but will decide it's too far to drive and then complain about how she doesn't ever see anyone). Also when she gets upset about Primal being with me or Lamian she'll act out by hooking up with someone else without making sure it's okay.
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