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Unhappy you are right

Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
So ask her if she still wants it first and see how she feels. If not, drop it.

i think i should drop it for a while (i haven't told my wife after i read Anneintherain comments a few hours back) since then i started to know that my timing and my proactive behavior on this approach might actually make my wife insulted or worse (why i didn't think of that). Must be my "do it quick and now" personality had gone off the charts again, i guess i just made a fool of myself for rushing the whole idea just like i was working (pretty stupid in my part). And yeah starting to think back, why the feck i started to ask for an open marriage (Polyamory) when my kid is 2-3 months old (damn why am i so sick). I didn't mean to insult my wife or anything but thanks for your warning. Anneintherain is right i m a horrible, manipulating and proactive person. Now i really know what my flaws are.........

p.s still shocked by what i have said and planned from the basis of my assumptions to being rushy, this really makes me shameful for myself for what i m after those 12 hours posting these threads

p.p.s thanks for the info that you had provided for me i will look at it closely for pure interest only not researching for it (may be a better time)

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