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Originally Posted by Anneintherain
Seriously..I dont read Gala Girls responses anymore before I post cause she'll usually hit most important stuff and I'll just feel pointless, so I'll just add on my thoughts before I read any responses. So scrolling through.
You are NOT pointless. Nobody but you can give your unique perspective and you will pick up and resonate with things that I do not.

Originally Posted by ellecee
I just wanted to restate that, while the age difference between my partner and the new girl might squick some people out, we are still talking about consenting adults. I'd hate for my issue to get recast as a "creepy older guy is taking advantage of immature females" story.
Was just taking stabs in the dark for what the reasons for the UGH there might be since you did not elaborate at the time. So now you thought about it and it is what? facing your own aging?

Originally Posted by ellecee
I know that I am currently an awesome lady, whose mental, emotional, and intellectual experience makes me irreplaceable and attractive. But that doesn't shut down the nagging little voice that says "You just aren't as CUTE as you used to be." Cue the louder voice that says "Who wants to be cute, anyway? How much better it is to be capable! Rational is sexy!" Trust me, though. I could go in that particular circle for hours.
This morning I found MORE silver hairs on top of my head. And DH found a picture of 20 year old me at our first apartment this weekend. It is one of our favs and we hadn't seen it in a long while. He likes it because it is me. I like it because he took it, and it is one of the first pix at our first apartment. It's a nice pix of me but I'm not that young woman any more and don't look that way any more either.

I feel ok about my own aging. Every age and stage has its charms -- the 40s has it's dealios just as the 20s and 30s do.

It doesn't hurt that DH is very effusive about his fondness for me and I hear "Aw, you are so cute!" all the time from him. LOL.

Perhaps ask your partner for more verbal reassurances? That you would like to hear more of that while he's in NRE? Add his voice to your own voice to help balance out the annoying voice in your head that pipes up about your cuteness factor.

You are 30 -- how long do your people usually last? Into the 70s? 80s? 90s? You are hardly anywhere CLOSE to any of those. DECADES in the future.

Hang in there!

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