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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
edit: I don't have kids which is why I didn't latch onto this originally, but I am pretty sure I've never heard a brand new mother say "I'm feeling at the top of my game, I want to find new partners and get out there in the dating world" Rereading this...the whole "out of her cage" ex and I discussed clearly how we were young and not ready to settle down but alas, here we were in love and that's what you do, right? If we hadn't discussed that ahead of time, bringing it up two months after a baby was born...NO. If she hasn't broached the subject, or given you the impression it is something she sounds like you want to broach it for YOU. If that is the case, doing it while she is a new mom is a mean idea.
thanks for enlighten me for this one yeah i must admit that it sounds like i m broaching the idea thanks for telling me right now because i think you are right about me, i might be a-bit aggressive about thinking of this idea too early. And yes she hasn't broached the idea for a while and also yes i had assumed what she wanted on the basis of her life as a single and YES YES YES i should picked a better time to discuss this later instead dammit i really need to ask myself what i really want....... and i m not purposely to be mean and doing it for my own selfishness maybe i just want to push my agenda too quick......... (about the cage thing its similar to what you say on how we are not ready to settle theory but trying to be graphical)

p.s atleast i know there are some support groups and well minded who are giving me advice....... thanks for your view for this issue Anneintherian really need to reevaluate myself

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