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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
Uh...just to check. You are saying you have NO interest at the moment in dating or having other relationships, you just want your wife to and appreciated and get to date ...but she hasn't shown any interest in any of that before now, you're just being proactive?

It's after you said you were going to broach this but...I imagine if I had a partner who came at me with that, I'd be...omfg you want to fuck somebody else dont you? Otherwise I'd find it really weird to come at me with that attitude. A "hey I have read a lot about non-monogamy and would like to talk to you about it" sure! Well I'd be open to that.
yeah my reasoning is pretty weird eh? yeah i had NO interest in having other relationships if my wife starts first (you should read the previous post) since i want to focus on controlling my jealousy. Also if i had interest in having relationships before i start to ask about open marriage then that makes me selfish then and the whole thing starts with the wrong reasons then!

yeah it sounds proactive but its her choice whether she want it or not. yeah its like what you say "hey I have read a lot about non-monogamy and would like to talk to you about it" but with extra bits

btw i haven't talked to her yet, not sure whether she shown any interest or not in my proposition. But i guess when i start to ask her with the word open marriage she might be crying that i m having an affair and begs me to stay before i explain the whole thing in detail but lets just see......
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