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Uh...just to check. You are saying you have NO interest at the moment in dating or having other relationships, you just want your wife to and appreciated and get to date ...but she hasn't shown any interest in any of that before now, you're just being proactive?

It's after you said you were going to broach this but...I imagine if I had a partner who came at me with that, I'd be...omfg you want to fuck somebody else dont you? Otherwise I'd find it really weird to come at me with that attitude. A "hey I have read a lot about non-monogamy and would like to talk to you about it" sure! Well I'd be open to that.

edit: I don't have kids which is why I didn't latch onto this originally, but I am pretty sure I've never heard a brand new mother say "I'm feeling at the top of my game, I want to find new partners and get out there in the dating world" Rereading this...the whole "out of her cage" ex and I discussed clearly how we were young and not ready to settle down but alas, here we were in love and that's what you do, right? If we hadn't discussed that ahead of time, bringing it up two months after a baby was born...NO. If she hasn't broached the subject, or given you the impression it is something she sounds like you want to broach it for YOU. If that is the case, doing it while she is a new mom is a mean idea.
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