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Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
I mean, it sounds like your reasoning is solid, but the thing that should make or break your decision is how your wife feels about it and if she thinks it is a type of relationship style she wants to have.
Thanks for replying! And yes my reasoning is solid. And also yes i m planning to tell her the whole thing tonight. The thing is that i don't really want to force her to have this kind of style, i want her to decide by herself. Its like giving her a key out of the cage and she can choose whether to use it or not since i wouldn't mind any way. The basis of this reasoning is that i love her very much and want her to have the best of both worlds anyway. I know that most open marriages started for all the wrong reason because it was at the request from one of the spouse while the other doesn't want it. So i would put her free will as a deciding factor for this arrangement.
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