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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

I am inclined to say that nyc's attitude is, indeed, prejudiced and discriminatory. I'm also inclined to say, so what? We all exercise discrimination when we date, or else we would all be dating every person we meet. .......
It's not like she's saying she won't sit next to bisexuals at the movie theatre. She's saying that there's "something" about bisexuals that just makes her clit stop throbbing.

Long story short, no one has the right to tell anyone else who they must date. You can disagree with her preference 'til the cows come home, tell her she's got bad taste, tell her she's fickle, whatever. But I wouldn't call her homophobic, anymore than I would call a lesbian heterophobic if she won't sleep with bisexual women.
I love the depth of colorful visual from your writing. I concur-we all have our own preferences regarding who we date. It's important to do self-inventory for continued growth-and in doing so we may find that we are struggling with some sort of prejudice or bias that is affecting our "attraction".
BUT no one else can do self inventory for another person-and we have no business trying.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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