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I definitely consider myself a solo poly.

My view:

- Every relationship is a friendship, and friendship is paramount in every relationship. Sex, romantic feelings, and physical touch are merely added bonuses.

- I will probably have different levels of intimacy with different friends - there won't be a neat line between "lover-friends" and "platonic friends." Some friends I have sex with, some friends are cuddle-friends, some friends are somewhere in between. Then there are the friends that are hugs-only or don't-even-hug-me (the latter would be their choice, not mine. I like hugs )

- My relationships do not "begin" and "end" unless a friendship is beginning or ending. All other changes in intimacy level are a change in the dynamics of a friendship. I'm going through a divorce right now ... I don't see it as an end to a relationship, but rather a changing relationship.

- I am committed to loving and caring about my friends no matter what happens, and being there for them as much as I am practically able to. That is all. Everything else is go with the flow.

- I wouldn't mind living with my friends, whether they are my lovers or not, but I wouldn't commit to doing it permanently (although if it worked out well, it might end up being permanent just because no one ever moves out ).

- Every friendship is its own thing and is not defined by any other friendship/relationship I might have, except to the degree that they are mutual friends.

- People who I am having sex with have the right to know who else I am having sex with for safety reasons. But other than that, no one needs to know the details of my other relationships, although we may share details as we feel it is appropriate. Openness and honesty is the rule, but respecting privacy is also a rule.

- I am SO DEFINITELY my own primary.
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