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So as an example of not really having the "power" I have been over the last week insighting interest in getting my guys to talk about our future together. It has become more and more apparent that we need to move. I need to move my studio out of my parents home and we need to stop using them for storage purposes. They have become completely un-trustable and I fear them in the current state we are in... we need to get off the street they live on and find our own spot in the city that they are not near...

Anyway, I can't do this alone obviously and have begun thinking about what I would like to see possibly happen. I have been thinking for awhile actually and putting feelers out as to what it is I am aiming for so that it can be open for discussion.

Up until this week I got no input from the men other than they are not ready, or a knowing laughs of appreciation.

I am saying this because really, like the D/s thing, it takes both to make it work... I could be "Dominant" yes, but really, I need them to step up to my dominance in order for me to be that. If you see what I mean... they have more power than I do actually as they are the ones that make the final decisions about what will happen in my life just by virtue of the fact that they are the last to have input.

(Just so you know what I purpose: A house that would be owned or rented by all of us possibly with the addition of my ex-wife/girlfriend. I would like a house with several suits or some kind of separate living arrangement so that we all have our space and privacy.)
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