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Default A valid reason for open marriage?

Ok i m quite interested to open marriage but before you answer the title of the topic let me tell you my story....

I had known my wife for 8 years, dating for 3 and married for 4. When i first met her, she was quite a wild girl (by my standards) herself and had lots and lots of causal sex (thus she is more experienced than i do when it comes our sex life). But after she met and have dates with me, i think she has fall completely for me and changed herself from a wild party girl to well...... a different person to suit my personality (i m a quite person and unlike her a party person especially). Interesting thing is that we get together because we always had chats about virtually ANYTHING religion, politics, history, etc. I guess i m the only one who can satisfy her in some form of intelligence conversations.

Then zoom forward to 2 months ago when our second child was only one month old i started to think that she is a good mother and wife but she is a different women that i have known when i first met her. I have been thinking a-lot what she had done for our family, how she changed herself for the sake of me and how she had gone through 2 pregnancies (painfully) for having a child. I feel that yet she had done so much for me but i feel that i haven't done anything for her (not really nothing since i do 50% of the housework and 60% of the cooking *i love cooking).

I'm not a great believer on monogamy since i was previously dumped by my gfs before i met my now wife. I think that marriage is like a cage (a big one) covered in linen showing how wonderful inside this cage, but due to our human curiosity we may eventually want to leap out of the cage and see what the real world like beyond the cage and the linen that covers it.

To skip all the details and other stories that will take forever, i want to give my wife a freedom that she doesn't have for the past 7 years we were together. A freedom to be a single attractive sexy women by night and a caring loving mother and wife by day. A women who can date other man like she did to her old bfs before to be fulfilled physically if not emotionally. Not all husbands are perfect, not all wives are perfect we humans are not flawless creatures.

I want to let my wife out of the perfect cage (marriage) and venture the outside the world and see for herself and ultimately have the best of both worlds, where she can have the excitement to have dates with other people while she can come home and enjoy the safety of our family and kids. That is the reason why i want to suggest an open marriage..

I know a-lot of open marriage had started with all the wrong reasons. I will tell you that our relations are perfect, communications are excellent, sex life is amazing (both had high sex drives), our finances are really good (since both of us are working professionals) not really affected by the GFC (we live in Australia btw) and every year we had one domestic and one overseas (i m foreign born) trips. Looks like a perfect conditions for a open marriage is it?

Thus i m posting this that with our perfect conditions is it a valid reason for an open marriage? Because i don't want to start a open marriage with the wrong reasons


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