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Unrelated to Poly,
my godson, SplitPea, disappeared.... Christmas will be 2 years I think. Anyway, In May he reached out to me via facebook.
He beat around the bush for 1/2 hour via instant messenger then asked "where do we stand".
It was his mom who took him-and dumped him with his paternal grandparents for a year before finally arranging for him to go live with her (long back story of abandonment etc).

Anyway, I told him my only bitch with him was that he promised to let us know he was safe-and he didn't. He agreed, he's plenty old enough now to at least drop a post card in the mail that says he's safe.
So, in the months since, he's been keeping touch and letting me know when he gets moved around etc. He's in Louisiana now.
But, today he's struggling because his mom is endlessly jumping boyfriend to boyfriend and not doing shit with her own life (or his). His stepfather still has legal custody (he lives here) and won't give it up, but his mom can't enroll him in school because of it.
The kid is smart-but educationally-fucked because of their stupid shit-it makes me SICK.
He's been on im with me for an hour and its SO FUCKING HARD to keep my mouth shut about HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS it is the shit they are doing with him. He's 15 now. Still got 3 years to go.
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