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Default Why, Hello there :)

Hey there you guys can call me PT I guess. I am 22 years old femail, I have two little girls and am very interested in polyamory. Guess that's why I find myself here.

I was in a 7 year relationship, towards the end we had decided to try an open relationship. By our definition it was he could have sex with whomever he wanted and I could fool around with people. The me fooling around with people happened to be rather normal for us considering for years I had done just that with one of my ex's friends with no issue but the title changed things. We broke up shortly after not from the open relationship but from other more pressing issues.

Now I find myself still interacting with the person who I had been open with during my previous relationship but it is odd to me. He is married, I adore his wife and they have an open relationship. He and I have developed feelings for each other, which the wife knows about. We both hold a lot back because with there open rules the emotional thing is a no no. This last weekend I spent with them, we hung out. All sat together, him in the middle as we watched movies, holding hands and such. He even woke me up with sex the day I left.

I am just confused by what is going on, how to communicate with her. Even how to communicate with him. Honestly what confuses me more is that I have no jealousy. I think they are the cutest thing in the world, absolutely adore there relationship and adore the way I fit into it at the moment.

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