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Originally Posted by thirtysilver View Post
But I've been carrying around far more weight that it's fair for anyone to have asked me to carry, and now I'm just too tired to take my next step.
What would your next step be do you think? And what is the weight you carry? I'm not understanding I don't think...

Originally Posted by thirtysilver View Post
Am I in love with two women at once? Am I in love with either of them? Do I even know how to love?
Lets just assume that none of this questioning is to do with the abuse you suffered... it is possible you are in love with two women, or maybe you are thinking about it all so intently for some other lesson to arise from your thoughts. Love is a tricky little bugger. But I believe that if there is care there and concern for a person and a desire to be near them and in their lives then that is love... of course there is far more to it but I would suggest that if the nature of your thinking about R is along those lines then it could be that you are in love with her.

I wrote all this and saw your last post.
I don't know if you will be back.
I feel for you, it sounds like you are going through some confusing and frustrating stuff inside. Not to mention overwhelming?
Good luck.
Your thread was perfectly suited to this forum in my opinion... in case that makes a difference.
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