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Originally Posted by SamuelWest View Post
Sad that this board offers no option to delete posts or accounts....sounds pretty damn controlling to me. Wish I had never checked it out and going to suggest my wife not get involved with the likes of those on this board. I have nothing good to say from what I have read (especially the smart ass responses) to people's posts whom mods apparently don't like. Nice little Nazi board going on here. Please ban me as I don't wish to be a part of this POS.
wow that's seriously pathetic.
what redpepper has stated is the way *most* forums work, especially those offering information or advice to the outside world as well.

if you really want all your posts deleted, go back in your subscriptions and manually delete them all yourself.
or is the little nazi board stopping you from doing that? big-bad-meanie mods and all stopping your fingers from doing the hard work yourself.
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