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I should probably wait to reply as we're not doing so hot right now.
The first poster was right. It's me. It's me being down a lot and it brings him down and now I guess it's too much.
Sometimes it feels like he thinks I can just flip a switch and be happy with the way things are.

I have told him I didn't really have time to adjust to this before it started, and he says that I have been telling him that for months. I'm sorry? Doesn't make it less true.

I asked him if he wanted me to leave because it seems like I'm just not progressing fast enough for him and what I got was something along the lines of, "it seems like you're always upset with me and I can't be around all that negativity," only more wordy and less blunt.

I'll come back and address your post later, Galagirl. All I'm in a right mind to answer to right now is he always takes his phone calls outside to his car. They're very infrequent, and not a big issue with me except when they run into being hours long.

Tomorrow was supposed to be our date night. I'm getting the feeling I may be spending tomorrow on the phone with my mother making moving plans.

He's not going to want to Close. His freedom to do whatever, whenever is more important to him than any one person, I think, and if he feels like I am asking him to do things that restrict that freedom, I don't think I have a place here.
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