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Ok the BF has arrived. After "loveiswhatIgot" turned me on to this forum, I just wanted to come and say myself thank you all for all this good information. After reading everyones opinions and views I feel like we have some great advice for proceeding forward. Just so we're clear, there has been no "playing the two" girls against each other. I loathe this conflict and as good as it may sound to have girls fighting over you, trust me, this has been exhausting. You think problems with one girl is bad, try TWO! Not fun. I want nothing more than to come to a peaceful middle ground and be happy with these two amazing women Im so fortunate to know. I know theres a way for this to work, I know we can be happy together. Once again thank you all so much for your words in this confusing time, many thanks! Lastly, are there any books or other literature anyone would recommend off hand? Always looking for more ways to educate myself...
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