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Yup. Sounds like you just need to put triad meeting day on the calendar so all can talk in a group periodically to air out whatever.

I often find myself as the middle person listening to both sides but being held in confidence and not allowed to tell the other person. Mainly they dont want me to tell the other because of fear of hurting each other.
So that makes it ok to be hurting you by placing you in an awkward position?

Tell them "No -- I will not promise not to tell. Because keeping that promise hurts ME in my mental health. Causes me stress to be put in the middle.

1) Talk to X direct yourself.

2) Or you can talk to me first just to sort yourself out and get your bullet list organized. And know that I will tell them later that you asked me to be a soundboard first to prepare and sent me to let them know that you now have a bullet list to share with them. "

Be a whole lot easier if you had a planned family meeting for you to announce there "So both of you have been coming to me with issues. Time to tell each other. Go!"

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