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Default Lovely weekend

I had a great weekend. And something happened that made me wonder.

I went with a couple with whom I've become very good friends over the past few years to a bookstore where we hung out and then met a few of their friends for dinner. Good times.

They drove me home and came in and chatted for a while. Nothing heavy, just this or that and lots of laughter. More good times.

The wife goes and curls up behind her husband who was sitting next to me. Then he invites me to curl up with them.

And I did.

I curl up next to him, laying my head on his arm while he leans back against her - I am also laying partly against her. He strokes my arm, as we all relax and continue talking.

I've posted here and in other threads how I don't get non-sexual cuddling. Cuddling usually feels sexual to me and it's something I do with lovers. And I still don't get it mostly. But maybe I am closer. God, it was just, lovely.

I also got a glimmer of why all these people want to be in triads. I've never really understood that. I just wanted to turn to both of them and pull them in to me. I didn't but really wanted to. And it was not solely because of sexual attraction although that is certainly there for me. I adore these people. They've been very good to me and they certainly did not have to. I think the world of them as individuals and as a couple.

So, I wonder...
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