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ahhh, my eyes have been opened!

I completely agree with what you have both just say, I'm almost in awe at how just an outside perspective can clear up alot of mistrust, or miscommunication. I do believe now the only thing to do is get together and get our needs out on the table and if it isnt something that is going to work for me than I do need to stand up for myself and say, this is what I need to be happy and break up.

Oversharing, I can see now that may be the problem here as well as the whole he said she said aspect of it all. I DONT know that he isnt going and saying I'M the one giving the demands.

He also isnt standing up for what he want as well, by telling her I dont want a hiearchy, which in turn, yes, makes it seem as if he is enjoying the thrill of the two women fighting over him.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!
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