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Well, she asked him to quit communicating to me all together, no texting, no seeing each other, so that they can get their relationship on solid ground, because she feels its not stable enough to handle this poly relationship.

He makes me very happy. I feel that where my unhappiness comes from is from her demand to be primary. He doesnt necessarily want that and he feels stuck between us both. Trying to satisfy both needs without having to break up.

She has alot of poly friends which she says are older and more experienced and they tell the BF that primary/secondary is how its done, thats how it all works. I feel as almost a way to convince him that is the way it HAS to be done ALL the time. Sure I bet it works for the majority but im also sure there are people who dont necessarily do that. It all caters to the people in the relationship and what we all want. I just feel stuck. Like if i want to be wit the man I love i should back down and say okay be primary while not believing in it.
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