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Default Newbie who needs HELP :/

Okay, so me and my bf were together for two years. We broke up but still were very much in love, he started dating another woman (who has been in a poly relationship before). He was really confused because he loved us both, it was my decision to try a poly relationship. Not necessarily a triad more like a vee. We all agreed. Now, she's DEMANDING that she needs to be the primary and I the secondary. Our bf doesn't agree and neither do I. She says it WONT WORK if there isn't a primary and secondary. I feel like if we all love each other than there is no need for labels like that, she STRONGLY disagrees. I also feel like if anyone were to be the primary it should be me. I've known him for 13 years, since we were kids and I was with him MUCH longer than she was, but I don't want anyone to be superior to the other. Does anyone have any advice on how this could be handled. I'm almost to the point of just walking away. Please HELP!

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