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(cont. from above)


I steam valve safely to my own spouse -- all these feelings of ughness from the side. Also sometimes to my best female friend far away and a good female local friend. (Who also knows the situation and is friends with the abused person.) I journal offline.

This time online in case it helps anyone. Horrible situation.

DH gives me that sort of steam valve support when he listens --
  • Tells me I'm doing all I can for a person in need in a terrible situation.
  • That I am pointing to possible paths out of the mess with resources that can be used or considered.
  • That I'm being all I can be in the role of friend in appropriate ways. I'm keeping it real -- both about the situation and my own limits.
  • I'm being honest with my friend. I'm being a good friend.


I just need to keep on doing what I've been doing.

Keep hoping friend can gather herself together to see her way out of this toward a better tomorrow. Safely, sanely, and under her own power. Nobody can do this FOR her.

Sigh. Just wish a better tomorrow would GET here already.


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