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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
"ME, ME, ME."

No, I'm not volunteering. I'm just repeating how your post appeared to my eyes.

The answer is easy: go down to the local Unicorn Surplus and pick one up!!
LOL! If only there was such a place

It seems a lot of people on this forum misunderstand my approach to this. Let me be more plain in my actual question:

My wife and I are discovering poly for ourselves lately. We're a little new to this whole thing and don't know a whole lot of other people like us. Where do you find poly-friendly people to discuss and learn abou each other, ourselves, the poly lifestyle, etc. Our interest is to find a shared girlfriend rather than someone separate from each of us but what we are looking for in the short term is just to mingle and understand more about what it means to be poly and how we CAN provide for a 3rd person. We don't ignore the needs of a 3rd party we just simply don't know enough about how this works yet. I'm pretty good at feeling out relationships but we've had hard luck the old fashioned way of using the world as our dating pool, people tend to be uncomfortable knowing we're both already together and very much in love... it's an uphill battle to help folks understand our intention (even in the poly community apparently).

I just wanted to know if there's good places to look for people like us especially in an area like ours which is fairly unenlightened sexually and relationally. The internet seems to be a pretty hostile place to meet other Polyamorous people too if this forum is any indication so rather than pass judgement as to our intention could someone pass me on to resources and communities where we can grow?
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