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Originally Posted by MusicalRose View Post
What is it about the term heteroflexible that doesn't sit well with you? I'm curious because it was a label I thought of applying to myself for quite a while and it is a term that I think both of the legs of my V like to use. They do not play with each other, but they are both comfortable having threesomes with me and get turned on by the element of watching me with another man. They have also had passing interest in/experimentation with guys but mostly aren't attracted to them.
To clarify, I don't have any objection to the term when other people use it to describe themselves. I just don't feel it describes me accurately. It appears to mean basically straight but with a willingness to experiment a bit on a purely sexual level...and even if I don't feel 'fully' bi, I feel more bi than that.

It's about using it for me personally, not the term itself.
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