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Originally Posted by Pliglet View Post
[...] this might be a good place to mention that, while i don't use homeopathics etc - i do tend to try to avoid mainstream meds until they're completely necessary.
I'm with you on that, but I'd have capitalised the COMPLETELY.
Originally Posted by Pliglet View Post
[...] because i do not want a baby right now (well i do and i don't - but the fact that there's still that wishy washy 'hormones are ruling my brain' aspect means that i'm continuing on the 'no' side of my decision).
Excellent call!!! Get done the things that you need to do before you "tie yourself up" with a baby.
Originally Posted by Pliglet View Post
Oh and its my birthday next weekend
I Googled "Wie schön, dass du geboren bist" [How lovely, that you were born] from a German birthday song which I much prefer to "Happy Birthday To You", but decided to swap it for "schön das es dich gibt" [lovely, that you exist] from this. Who dares tell me that it's impossible to be romantic in German?! And - for your birthday present - I'm going to translate the lyrics for you:

Take my dreams as true coin,
Feast on fantasies.
I've caught myself in you,
Don't know how it happened to me.
Warm me with your voice,
Lay me to rest in your arm,
Hold me, just a little
Until I can fall asleep

I feel safe with you
Bet my heart on you.
I want to enjoy every moment,
For it to last forever.
With you the leaning's good,
There's overflowing happiness.
Complete surrender to you,
I find solace with you.

I'm beside myself with joy,
I want to sink slowly with you.
Thoughtless, carefree, weightless... lose myself in you.
Cover me up with tendernesses, [tuck me in with tendernesses like a blanket]
Storm me, the night is short.
Peaceful, crazy with love, overwhelmed by you:
Lovely that you exist.

Come tell me something, ["tell me" as in "tell me a story"]
Chatter away to me.
I want to sate myself listening to you,
Always be with you.
Fill my tank with life,
Leave me in your arms.
Hold me, just a little,
Until I can fall asleep.
Hold me, so that I can sleep.

(It's nicer in the German. Be flexible and apply poly to the sentiments.)

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