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Partially because everything in her tone towards me when she speaks to me sounds flirty at times, and comfortable the rest of times. Also partially because I just wanted to get all of it out of my head. I am one of those people that over-think everything that happens unless I 100% know what is on the minds of everyone involved. Sometimes it helps to get something out of my head and get the opinions of others on the topic. Also it helps to have people to relate this to, since we both work in the same office, a bit of discretion is called for.
With that all being said, in reply to Pliglet, I haven't, and will not make any type of move at all without hearing TM's ideas and true feelings on the situation. I will just continue to be their friend and my wife and I will spend time with them. We all just decided to be friends for the time being a while back anyway instead of any of us pursueing a romantic relationship with the other couple. That is why it is just so weird to get the specific attention of DM in the way of looks, touches, and phrases. Some of these things are not even subtle hints at all, being very blatantly flirty in front of TM. I do appreciate your concern about my wife and I sitting down and talking about how we both feel about opening up and just being communicative in general. My wife and I have been talking about this kind of thing since we got together. Even though before now, I was not willing to let another person become a part of our relationship, I realized it is because I find most males to be repulsive in the sense that most of them that I have met have little to no values. I did come to terms with that, and being assured from everything I have seen from TM that he is a legitimately good person. I don't keep many friends close, so for me to want to hang out with a guy that much is saying A LOT.
I do also realize that nothing can move past friendship at all until DM communicates with TM about things with the 4 of us, and I have every intention to let them work through things in their own right, and not be awkward around them, or make things awkward for them. All I can do now is watch, wait, and enjoy things as they are from the time being.
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