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Originally Posted by BloodGamers View Post
I am not a supporter of the fact that just one being said hey i'll make this and this and wham-bam thank-you-mam it happened. I'm all for evolution. I just think there is room for both and you can say that some force be it a god, a goddess, hell even an alien petri dish, whatever, but say that they started the evolution. Reason why is that it just seems to me that yes after countless generations we eventually adapt to our surroundings, but it must take a lot of energy to do so, enough that its just out of human reach [for right now].
Yeah, the compromise position is theistic evolution. That can either mean that God is more of a deist deity who set it all up and let the chips fall where they may (and he knew where it would lead). Or it can mean that God nudged evolution for humans along. The second interpretation suffers from lack of intelligence in human design. Like the eyes in humans are not "designed" as well as in a squid (which would imply that God worked on the squid more than humans). We should also see places where humans seem to advance more than probability would allow.

When I was Christian, I accepted evolution. But it was not easy because where does the garden of Eden fit in? Did God just pick two humans out of the mix and put them in a zoo? Some of this made me start to rethink my theology.
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