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Hello All

This is my first time posting. I came out as poly to my wife a couple months before we were married in June. While it was difficult at first, we have completely managed to work things out. I now identify as gay, and am in love with a wonderful poly boy who's my secondary, so I'm also in a mixed-orientation marriage.

Things have not been easy for me: this has been such a radical shift in my world view and I think I repressed my sexuality for so long that I didn't want to admit that I was not "wired" for monogamy, let alone that I was gay. I was raised in a strict Roman Catholic home, so it didn't help my sexuality nor my self esteem much. Still, I consider myself a devout Christian.

That being said I still love my wife and we have no intention of divorcing: somewhere along the line, before I figured out I was gay, we fell in love and that hasn't changed. She's a wonderful primary and has grown leaps and bounds since we started on this journey together. She's met, likes and approves of my bf, and thinks he's a nice boy. She's even become open to the idea of one day maybe even starting a family together. I love them both so much. I've also been slowly coming out to my close friends
and I'm just happy not hiding who I am anymore, even if that might take a while.

I'm also a blues musician, student (focusing mostly in secular Biblical and Near Eastern studies) and Ninja (yep I practice Ninjutsu and Samurai arts) in my spare time as well as a writer of novels (all unpublished). Oh I also speak Latin. I'm on here just looking for support, maybe even hoping to find other Christian polys in mixed orientation marriages. Look forward to meeting everybody! Thanks!

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