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I see the relevance. It could have a good deal to do with it.

We live about 1300 miles away from my friends and family (he doesn't have any here, either). I don't really go out. I don't have the money, nor the transportation. Also, all the mom groups seem to be "full."
I've never been good at meeting people and making friends, so that doesn't help either. I'm not sure I'd make many friends in a mom group, anyway. Somehow I imagine they're very child-oriented, and while my little boy is one of the most important things in my life, I don't want that to be the only interest I share with someone, you know?

I did go shopping with him last week, which I haven't done in months, so that helped improve my mood a bit, being out and about.

I do what I can to keep myself in a good mood given limited resources, but for a while there it felt all doom and gloom, and I'm sure that did take a toll on him.
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