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I agree. I guess I descriminate because I'm only interested in bisexual partners. I already have the men in my life. But if for some reason I was looking I would only be looking for bisexual men. Its not that straight men can't be sexually satisfying, I have had some great sex in the past with straight guys. Its just that now I have figured out I need certain extras to really round things out.

I think figuring these things out is part of our journey and what makes us each unique. And it is also what keeps the pool of potential partners a little more even. I have effectively left part of the population open for those who are looking for that. And I am not wasting time or emotions on someone who isn't going to fit long term....

I would never descriminate based on sexual preference. I think we are all able to find friendships that work in our lives and would hate to miss out on a great friend because they were straight or a different nationality.
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