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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Are you saying that you are feeling like you struggle to hold that leash then?
The "I want be vindictive! Grr! You hurt me!" one?

Is that the advice you most need right now? How to keep that leash from snapping? Because ultimately you want to work it out?
Yes, this! I am struggling to find the place between bottling everything up (and eventually exploding in a toxic mess) and beating her up emotionally. It is one thing to want to share your feelings, but when I start doing so I keep getting into wanting to make her feel bad.

I do love her, and want to make this work. It is worth it for any number of reasons, and God knows she deserves it. She has put up with crap every bit as bad over the years (remember she started mono). But how do I get there from here?
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