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Expense to you??!!! Oy!! Does she exist only to serve your needs and forget her own? Sorry, but I cannot help but be blunt right now.

What is absolutely glaring to me in your rant is that your focus is all on you. You are only whining about what you're not getting. I don't see any loving kindness directed at Loop, nor wishes for her to be happy, and hoping that it works out for her and Stine. Do you love and care about her, and want her to be happy and free, or do you want to own her and get all the goodies? Doesn't she deserve to pursue happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment wherever her life leads her to find it? If you really love her, you should be willing to let her go in order to be happy, not stamping your foot and having a tantrum that she isn't giving you what you want. "But she's my secondary, we did so much work, waaaah, waaaah!" She has been honest with you. Why are you so selfish and self-pitying? Loop does not deserve that, does she? Are you just avoiding fears surrounding becoming a parent? You need some self-discipline to remember it's not all about you. Time to wake up and be a grown-up, methinks. After all, you're embarking on parenthood. Tsk, tsk.

Send real love her way, not nasty messages.
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