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So, yesterday HT, TM, DM, AM, and I went to a get together that one of the married guys from our shop was having and he invited all the married couples over. HT and I were not sure if we felt like going, getting an invitation late. DM begged HT for us to come because she prefers HT's company over most other women. I was kind of dressed up compared to the other guys there, wearing a button down shirt, slacks, and nice shoes. We arrived at the get together. We were social for a bit, with HT and DM taking turns holding a new baby. TM and I were mostly watching AM. TM started helping with the grill, so that left me to watch AM. I started back inside, making sure to tell AM to come inside as well since TM would be helping with the grill. About 15 minutes later, AM said "I want to go outside," starting to head out the door. I asked DM if she wanted him to be outside, with her response being "Not if you won't be out there. I don't trust TM to watch him and do the grill." So I went outside with AM, playing with him by pulling him around in this little red wagon. Quite a few times, I took a quick glance back toward the window, catching DM staring at me with either an appreciative look on her face, or a contemplative look on her face. I was catching looks from her all the rest of the day, watching me eat, hula-hoop, and coming outside for the 4 of us to sit and watch AM.
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